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Living Systems

The project examines existing living systems as an alternative to current manufacturing methods with the aim to reduce environmental impact by mimicking what nature does best.


Living organisms have evolved and adapted over geological times through natural selection, this has given rise to new technologies inspired by biological solutions. 


After cellulose, chitin is the most widespread biopolymer in nature. It has great economic value because of its biological activities and industrial/ biochemical applications. 


In nature, chitin can result in different material structures from the hardness of a crab shell to the flexibility of an insect wing. 


Taking inspiration from the living kingdom, Studio Aikieu examines how biological entities design and produces materials with the purpose of solving mankind’s depleting resources. 


In collaboration with scientist Dr Solmaz Hajizadeh and materialogist Christina Haxholm.





Form Design Center, University of Lund, Dr Solmaz Hajizadeh, Christina Haxholm

Fanny Hansson & Marina Jackler

Dutch Design Week