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How can we exploit living systems to transform industrial mining operations to facilitate the transition to a one planet living horizon objective?

Mining has provided the fundamental building blocks for human development. The supply of metal and mineral products has underpinned human endeavour through millennia, however, with climate change, rapid decline in biodiversity and a growing population is stretching our planet beyond its ability to regenerate.

Phytomining and Biomining is a naturally occurring process that utilises plants and

microorganisms to extract minerals and precious metals.


Although this particular process has been in existence for over 30 years, it still remains a niche commercial activity but with increasing demand will make this process more economically viable.

With growing material scarcity and our society moving towards a post-materialistic future, there is an increasing demand to develop alternatives to challenge the status quo/norm.

The project proposes to harness existing living systems to redesign our manufacturing process from mining to production.





Dublin Science Gallery

Shortlisted for the Coal Art Prize

Studio Aikieu


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