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Future Human seeks to critically engage the public to question the future implications of how we choose to utilise science and technology in the future. Scientists believe that as technology continues to advance, that a new future human will evolve.​

The concept proposes a scenario where technologists become the designers of the future, utilising technology as their design tools, to craft the new future human. 

Immateriality is the A/W’62’ collection of digital skins, inspired by morphogenesis and mineral crystallisation processes, a series of radical non-human like aesthetics have been fashioned.

A digital couture service that is tailored to the consumers needs, by facilitating the re-design and enhancement of

the physical human-self, to enable the consumer to embody or become the notion of the perfect human.

In the future consumers will wear an AR (Augmented Reality) Bionic Contact Lens, which enables them to see the real world with superimposed data and graphics over their visual field.


A speculative future that blurs the boundaries between the real and the virtual worlds; the accessibility to such technologies will enable consumers to enhance their physical realities with the virtual.




Holition & Visage Technologies

Studio Aikieu


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