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Rock Formation

A creative studio speculating & envisioning near to far futures.

Studio Aikieu works at the intersection of design, research, society and business. 

About Us

Our Manifesto

Studio Aikieu is a collaborative agency, bringing together different agents to work towards a shared goal, to imagine better futures and making it actionable. 

We explore the space between abstraction and reality. As we believe that only through problem creation can we begin problem solving.

The hybrid approach of our practice is grounded in aesthetic sensibilities and inherent codes of human design, which has inspired the cultivation of original ideas that make tangible the most poignant of our social, ethical and environmental futures.

Envisioning : we are an ecosystem with an ambitious vision of change, fostering an ethos of care to cultivate a better future for all.

Entanglement : we are 1 organism in a community of 8.7 million, co-dependent on human and non-human counterparts for collaboration ,cooperation and intra-action.

Action : we aim to act within our planetary boundaries with a mission to make the complex and intangible actionable.

Clients, Partners, Collaborations

BIS Publishers, Microsoft, Holition, Volvo, Visage Technologies, Queen’s Mary University, Matches Fashion, CSM, LVMH, Victoria & Albert Museum, Trend Boutique, University of East Anglia, Form/Design Center, Linneaus University, Kolding Design School, HTU Netherlands, Coloni, Claridge Architects, Lund University




2020 - 2011

Talks & Conferences :

LVMH Future of Tradition [UK], The Age of., BioCapitol [SE], Transition Conference [UK], Industry Pioneers Conference [UK], Wearable Futures Conference [UK], Creative Works Conference [UK], Interweave, V&A Museum [UK], Fashion Futures, MAC [UK], Design Explorations V&A Museum [UK], Belfast Design Week [UK].

Exhibitions :

Milan Design Week [IT], Maison D’Objet [FR], London Design Festival [UK], Dutch Design Week [NL], Subtle Technologies [CA], Imagine Science [US], Bio-Fiction [AT],

Stockholm Design Week [SE], MAC [UK], Volvo Design Studio [SE], Form Design Center [SE], The Conference [SE], Przemiany Festival [PL], Lamberts Yard [UK], Transition Conference [UK], Industry Pioneers Conference [UK], Scin Gallery [UK], Surface Design Show [UK], Wearable Futures Conference [UK]. Creative Works Concerence [UK], Johassen Gallery [DE].

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